Anchor Borrowers’ Programme Guidelines

Development Finance Department

Central Bank of Nigeria

The broad objective of the ABP is to create economic linkage
between smallholder farmers and reputable large-scale
processors with a view to increasing agricultural output and
significantly improving capacity utilization of processors.
Other objectives include:
 Increase banks’ financing to the agricultural sector
 Reduce agricultural commodity importation and
conserve external reserves
 Increase capacity utilization of agricultural firms
 Create new generation of farmers/entrepreneurs and
 Deepen the cashless policy and financial inclusion
 Reduce the level of poverty among smallholder farmers
 Assist rural smallholder farmers to grow from subsistence
to commercial production levels.

Targeted Beneficiaries
The loan shall be targeted at smallholder farmers engaged in
the production of identified commodities across the country.
The Farmers should be in groups/cooperative(s) of between 5
and 20 for ease of administration.

Identified Agricultural Commodities
The targeted commodities of comparative advantage to the
State shall include but not limited to:
 Cereals (Rice, Maize, wheat etc.)
 Cotton
 Roots and Tubers (Cassava, Potatoes, Yam, Ginger etc.)
 Sugarcane
 Tree crops (Oil palm, Cocoa, Rubber etc.)
 Legumes (Soybean, Sesame seed, Cowpea etc.)
 Tomato
 Livestock (Fish, Poultry, Ruminants etc.)
Any other commodity that will be introduced by the CBN
from time to time.

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