Listings From Balin Homes

(1) A virgin and table land of 1,115.585sqm at Omida market , Abeokuta. Good for Bank, School, Hospital, Complex, event centre, warehouse.

Document : C of O.
Price: #65m

(2) 6,922sqm of dry Land, fence round with gate. facing Ikorodu express road between Maryland / Anthony.

Document: Good tittle
Price : #1.8b

(4) 3,262sqm of land facing Ikorodu express road by Ojota. Fence with gate.

Document: registered conveyance
Price: #500m

(5) 4,065sqm of dry land which is 6½ plots facing major road along IJU ROAD, AGEGE/FAGBA.
Good tittle , price #450m

For enquiry call Balin Homes on 08175031830


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