When I was in school as a bachelor, I had a particular canteen where I do buy ‘eba igbo’ when it is time for me to eat ‘swallow’. The best soup I take is Egusi & Ogbono together. I love th is soup so much that, I see no reason to ask for any other soup no matter how the owner of the canteen tried to convince me to eat any other soup. For more than one year, anytime I enter that canteen, they can’t sell any other soup for me.

One day, I went there& I was served as usual. As I started eating, I notice this my best soup tested kerosene. I tried to swallow like 3 morsel of the eba, but the kerosene’s taste was really spoiling the enjoyment of the food. I called the owner of the canteen & explained to her. Herself& her husband,apologised& persuaded me to try afang soup.
They told me it is richer than the ‘ Egusi & Ogbono. I have heard so much about afang soup but I have never tasted it. I also did not believe it can be sweeter& better than my choicest soup; Egusi &Ogbono.

After much persuasion, I reluctantly agreed to be given the afang soup. Men& brethren, I must confess to you that, when I finished eating that afang soup that day, I asked for extra plate of the food. It was truly sweeter& richer than the Egusi and Ogbono I have being seeing as my best soup then. Right from that day, it has been afang soup all the way. Even when I got married, I told my Queen I like afang soup and is one of the best soups I love to eat at home. Thank God my Egusi & Ogbono tasted kereosene, may be I would not have tasted or known the sweetness of afang soup.

Friends, may be presently; your ‘ Egusi & Ogbono’ has started tasting ‘kerosene’. Your own ‘Egusi & Ogbono’ may be your current job that was once full of sweetness & benefits, but now is full of threat from.your boss to fire you.

For singles, It may be a relationship that was once flourishing but now is now full of frustration. It may be your bussiness, your ministry, your health, etc.that is now tasting ‘ kerosene ‘. Please call on the ‘Owner of the Canteen ‘ (God the Almighty). He is willing to introduce & serve you ‘afang soup’ that will be sweeter & richer than that your ‘Egusi & Ogbono’. Your best is coming. The taste of that ‘Kerosene’ you are having in your ‘soup’ is for a purpose. It is because, there is an ‘afang soup’ God wants you to taste. Sweetness is coming into every area of your life that is tasting bitter.



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